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We Love Our School

Made for the WA State School for the Blind (WSSB), this is the first film for which I’ve done descriptive audio for blind and otherwise visually impaired audience members. I loved working with everyone at WSSB. I learned a ton. I was very candid going into this project that I’d never before done descriptive audio. I didn’t want to make the audio descriptions an “after market” thing–add on audio that sounds sped up and slipped in. I wanted to plan for the audio descriptions from the very beginning of making the film. And doing that did make for different pre- and post-production processes. I had no idea how creative the process is – all the creative choices to be made. I loved making this film and getting the chance to do descriptive audio made making it even more incredible.  Thank you WSSB! And of course, thank you Nathan and Amber (Finley Mimbles), my brilliantly talented creative partners.

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