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Watch Video & Support The 3rd Thing


Support The 3rd Thing Press.

Be a part of creating the work you want to see in the world.

When you make a pledge to The 3rd Thing, here’s where your money goes:

  • Not to us: The 3rd Thing is staffed by a tiny band of dedicated volunteers. Here at 3rd, time is decidedly not money.
  • Writers & Artists: 40-80% of a project’s overall budget goes to pay the people who create it, including authors, filmmakers, curators, land acknowledgment writers and cover artists. 
  • Printing & Paper: 20-55% of the cover price of one of our books is material costs. And this is going up, even as we try to keep prices down. 
  • Shipping: Any given book ships at least twice and often four or more times before it reaches the reader. 
  • Promotions & Award Submissions: We dedicate about 15% of the budget of every project to promoting it – this goes to award submission, distributor fees,  conference fees and the cost of printing Advance Review Copies.

What Your Pledge Makes Possible

  • $50 – Media artist honorarium
  • $100 – Land Acknowledgment Writer honorarium
  • $250 – Cover artist honorarium
  • $500 – Standard author advance
  • $1000 – Letterpress book covers
  • $2500 – A short print run of one slender book