Marilyn Freeman

Media Artist ~ Writer ~ Contemplative


A seaside contemplation at Westport — Plovers is an Everyday Cinema Divina.

Everyday Divina is my daily contemplative practice and offering. These meditations are created through an adaptation of the ancient prayer process, lectio divina. -Marilyn

For those who’d like to engage with these pieces using the lectio approach try this:

  1. Read/watch/listen to the Everyday Divina offering, simply notice what you notice–an image, a color, a sound, a word…
  2. Reflect , engage the offering a second time, notice: What is stirring in you–a memory, a feeling, an insight, a wish….?
  3. Respond, engage the divina a third time, opening to: What is the invitation to you, personally, in this offering?
  4. Rest for a minute and let a prayer or a wish arise from within. Breathe. And bless the world with a silent thank you.

Plovers ― by Marilyn Freeman.
Copyright © 2018 Marilyn Freeman. All rights reserved.

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