Marilyn Freeman

Media Artist ~ Writer ~ Queer ~ Contemplative

Love this Planet

At once praise and plea, “Love this Planet” is a selection from CinemaDivina–short films made for contemplation.

Filmed just after a rare snowfall along the Seaview shoreline on the Long Beach Peninsula at the edge of the Pacific Ocean in Washington state.

Everyday Divina is my daily contemplative practice and offering. These meditations are created through an adaptation of the ancient prayer process, lectio divina. -Marilyn

For those who’d like to engage with these pieces using the lectio approach try this:

  1. Read/watch/listen to the Everyday Divina offering, simply notice what you notice–an image, a color, a sound, a word…
  2. Reflect , engage the offering a second time, notice: What is stirring in you–a memory, a feeling, an insight, a wish….?
  3. Respond, engage the divina a third time, opening to: What is the invitation to you, personally, in this offering?
  4. Rest for a minute and let a prayer or a wish arise from within. Breathe. And bless the world with a silent thank you.

Video & audio by Marilyn Freeman

“Love this Planet” ― by Marilyn Freeman.
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